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Compassion - It Works!

Help release Children from Child Poverty & provide opportunity to live a normal life

Can you commit $44 per month to help free a child from poverty?


Compassion takes a holistic approach by support a child’s economic, physical, social, emotional & spiritual needs of a Child.

From just $44 per month you an support Child from
a third world country 

What are the facts about world poverty for children?

  • 2.2 billion children in the world
  • 1 billion of children living in poverty living on less than $2 per day 
  • Approx 215 million children are engaged in child labour
  • 1 million children enter commercial sex trade each year
  • 19 thousand children die every day under age of 5 mostly from preventable causes

Does Compassion Child Sponsorship program actually work?

Compassion child sponsorship works. World class independent research shows that children who participated in Compassion’s Child Sponsorship Program stayed in school longer, were more likely to have salaries and white-collar employment, and were more likely to be leaders in their communities and churches than their peers who did not participate in the program. Once Compassion sponsored children, these adults are now making a difference in their communities as mums, dads, pastors, teachers, doctors, even members of parliament.

You will have regular communication with your Child through letter sending letters using web based communication system.

What sponsorship would you like to do?

BASIC Sponsorship $44 per month
- or -
Sponsorship PLUS $56 per month (Highly recommended)

With BASIC sponsorship the following can be included for your sponsor child;
(Please note the following list it subject to how well established Compassion is in the area and what is available in the country you choose)

Learning & education opportunities 

- Setting up of educational opportunities 
- School attendance
- Regular monitoring and support of child's progress
- Regular participation in alternative educational activities as well as opportunities to learn life skills. 

Health treatment and training 

- Regular physical examination
- Dental care
- Vaccinations and referrals to appropriate medical professionals

Teaching about health matters...

- Physical and dental hygiene
- Exercise
- Nutrition and preventive health care strategies.

Social & emotional development

- Help children learn social skills
- Learn team work
- How to support each other
- Group activities & excursions (camps, art, drama, dance)

Materials, supplies and activities

- Include hygiene supplies
- Project supplies
- Snacks and any necessary food or supplemental nutrition required
- Fees or associated costs of excursions, camps, drama, art and dance activitie.

Individualised care and attention

- Progress reports
- Attendance records
- Health records
- Home visits by social workers
- Adult supervision in a safe and loving environment 

Christian teaching 

- Teaching of the Bible 
- Local Church involvement .

With sponsorship PLUS the following can also be included;

- Toilets, hygiene and clean water—including wells and water purification systems
- Disaster relief following a natural disaster such as an earthquake or flood
- Education and training programs for parents of sponsored children
- Emergency medical care and/or surgery
- Extra nutritional support where necessary
- Extra support for orphans and highly vulnerable children
- HIV/AIDS initiatives—including education, prevention and treatment
- Income generation for parents
- Infrastructure such as improvement to child development centres
- Immunisations and malaria-prevention activities
- Support for registered children not yet sponsored
- Vocational training and non-formal education