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Using Copywriting To Write Ads That Actually Work


It’s not about you, your products, your services, your brand or your company – it’s all about your prospects. So much advertising that is done today focuses on the business rather than the needs of their prospects. You might have a reputable company, brilliant products, specialized quality services and a fantastic looking logo – but at the end of the day people will only respond if they can see you can help them solve their problems or fulfill their needs.
How exactly to a write a powerful message that will magnetically attract my prospective market? One word – ‘Copywriting’ – Copywriting is the ability to write ads that present a message which provokes your niche market to respond immediately. There are proven and tested copywriting strategies that will generate high results for you, within your advertising budget.

Here are 3 powerful copywriting strategies.

Captivating Headlines: Research shows that 80% of the success of your advertising comes down to the headline you employ. The headline will single out your market and then lead prospects to the offer. The most effective way to present headlines is by using the ‘Stop PROBLEM Discover SOLUTION’ strategy. In this type of headline you are telling your niche market to stop a commonly experienced problem and then reveal a desired solution that will help them.

One way to get instant credibility with your niche market is by presenting testimonials. Testimonials work because its not you talking about how good you are but rather your happy clients. You do this by asking your happy clients what problems they were experiencing before your business helped them and what benefits they are now receiving. You then create a short, punchy testimonial based on the ‘Before & After Strategy’. Few aspects appeal more to prospects than examples of your product working for someone else in a similar situation.

Call To Action: Most advertising campaigns fail because there is no call to action presented. A call to action is a line of text that encourages your market to make an immediate response to an offer. Your goal is to make people say to them selves “I want to contact this business right now”. The most commonly known way to create an effective call to action is by using the ‘WHAT/WHY/HOW Strategy’. With this type of call to action you want to say – what your offer is, why they should act now and how to they claim it.