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Online Lead Generation - How It Works 

Introducing the Web Based Marketing System...

....an integrated marketing system which has been tested & proven to drive more leads & enquiries for many companies & industries.  

Have you experienced any of these problems…?

  • Not getting enough inbound leads & enquiries? 
  • Not sure where to start when marketing your business?
  • Don't want to waste time & money on ineffective marketing?
  • Current marketing isn't working?
  • Got a website but it's not performing properly?
  • Website traffic has dropped and so have your in-bound leads?
  • Can’t keep up with the latest technology and changes in internet market?
  • Haven’t had time to keep updated and on top of your internet marketing?

If so, you'll be happy to hear that Web Based Marketing can partner with your business to drive more lead & enquiries for your business?

Please ensure we not talking about...

  • Throwing up a "cheap" website thinking it will give you amazing results
  • Launching Google Adword's without making your website effective
  • Wasting $1000's on SEO of your website that doesn't work with your marketing strategy
  • Updating Social Media platforms without having a proper content plan in place 

Our Marketing approach has the perfect mix of web-marketing and offline marketing, helping users to dominate their market – even in a depressed economy.

Our Online Lead Generation system;

  • Gets your online & offline marketing working together
  • Educates your market about who you are and what you do
  • Builds trust and credibility in your business before people meet you
  • Turns your website into a lead generation machine
  • Puts all the parts together for you
  • Automates your marketing processes
  • Ranks your website higher in Google
  • Follows-up people on your database
What makes Web Based Marketing approach different to everyone else?

Many business owners are losing 1000s of dollars in profit due to lack of effective marketing systems. The reason is they do not understand their marketing funnel and how to capture more leads from it. The Web Based Marketing approach is designed to capture as many people in your marketing funnel as possible.

The market can be broken down into 3 categories…

  1. The Hot Market - People ready to buy from you

    There are people who are red hot and ready to buy your products and service. These people are normally people who already know, like and trust you, for example, through referrals. At the moment your marketing funnel should be capturing most of the people in your hot market.

  2. The Warm Market - People doing research before buy decision 

    These people have heard of you or may visit your website from other advertising mediums. These people may be reviewing your website for the first time and may not be ready to leave their details or talk with you.

  3. The Cold Market - People not planning on doing anything for month 

    Your cold market may be people who are just reviewing your business but have no intention to buy from you for months. The goal for this market is to capture their details and follow them up, so when they are ready to buy, they buy from you.

The goal of our marketing approach is to…

  • Capture more of your hot market
  • Turn the warm market into the hot market through effective marketing
  • Put the cold market into a system so when they are ready to buy – you’re their first choice

You ask…How does the web based marketing system do this?
The Answer… Moving you from a ‘one-step marketing’ to a ‘lead generation marketing’ approach

Lead generation marketing understands the process of being the average customer. In a cautious market people are slower to make a decision when buying a product or service. This is why you need to break marketing down into steps.

  • Suspect: Someone visiting your website for the first time to suss you out.
  • Prospect: Someone who wants a bit more information before making a decision to contact you.
  • Lead: Someone who has put up their hand and want to speak to you.
  • Life Long Customer: Someone who buys from you and has opportunity to buy from you again in the future.
  • Raving Fan: Someone who likes you so much they tell all their friends about you.

We follow a strict 4 phase plan to setting up your Online Lead Generation system;

The Web Based Marketing approach takes a suspect and over time turns them into a raving fan for your business.
Here The 5 Part Process of setting up the Web Based Marketing Approach:

How can I set up the Web Based Marketing approach in my business?

The Web Based Marketing approach is not a quick fix solution to getting large numbers of leads for next to no money. Rather, it is an 8-12 week intensive marketing development process that sets you up to achieve long term results.

Speak to us today to see how we can help set-up your Web Based Marketing approach for your business!
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