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Free Video Series!If you relate to any of these problems then you need to register FREE Video Series: 7 Steps To Generating More Leads & Enquiries From Your Website Marketing.

In this FREE Video Series ($97 Value) you will discover how to;

  • Generate more leads & enquiries online so you can make more sales & profit
  • Create more value to customers in what you offer (this means charge more money!)
  • Ensure your website visitors convert into customers so that the money you invest in online ads actually get you a result
  • How to attract the type of clients you want so you're not wasting time on tyre kicks and time wasters
  • How to automate & streamline your marketing process so you sit back while your website follows-up people for you
  • How to make your website set you up as an industry authority so people know you, like you & trust you before they meet you

Every 3 days we will send you a new video revealing each of our 7 steps to help make your online marketing work so you can drive more leads online.

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Watch the introduction video to the 7 step website marketing video series

During this FREE Video Presentation (Valued at $97) we will go through these 7 Steps to Help Make Your Web Marketing Work

  • Step One - Develop a web strategy and plan: Not sure where to start in making your website marketing work? Sick of not being able to implement plans you do have? Failing to plan is planning to fail so let us help you learn the skills to get your marketing strategy working to generate leads.
  • Step Two - Present the right message to the right market: Sick of the timewasters and tyre kickers? We can teach you how to attract genuine customers by communicating the right message for the right market.
  • Step Three - Write compelling website content: Is your website content working for you? Compelling content creates more value in what you offer. A website with well written content, loaded with keywords will draw your visitors attention and show them what makes you unique.
  • Step Four - Design your website to convert: Does your website easily encourage potential customer to contact you? Does it allow you to capture leads with a minimum of effort from a visitor? We can show you designs that work! They don't just look good, but also feature call to actions, sidebar captures and headlines to get your site converting traffic into leads.
  • Step Five - Utilise the right technology: Want to utilise the right technology for your online marketing but aren't sure where to start? We can help you get your marketing set on autopilot through tools to manage, streamline and automate your marketing plan.
  • Step Six - Drive laser targeted traffic: Not getting the results you want through social media, search engines and referrals? We can show you the best way to generate targeted traffic to your website.
  • Step Seven - Communicate content to makes you an expert: Are you an authority in your field? Show your customers your expertise through content marketing strategies that support your business goals.

Don't just listen to us, read what our clients say about our online marketing strategies

New marketing strategy & website ....experienced 50% growth in our business
We would like to thank Web Based Marketing and his team from Web Based Marketing for guiding us on what has proved to be a sensational marketing success.
The advantage of being able to market our business under the guidance of Jordan from Web Based Marketing and directing the traffic through email straight from our web site has been a resounding success. Our fantastic new marketing strategy & website resulted in us putting two new instructors we experienced 50% growth in our business.
Ron and Sue Hayes - Driving School

80% of our new business comes from this website
Web Based Marketing helped us set-up our website work work. They handled the whole process of planning, strategy, web design, development and content. Since our new marketing website has been set-up we can confidently say 80% of our new business comes from this website.
Catherine Smith, Wholistic Financial Solutions

We were doing 250 jobs per month, we're now doing around 580 jobs per month
Since working with Web Based Marketing our incoming work has dramatically increased. They helped us with the whole process around marketing planning,
website development & Google advertising. Before we started using Web Based Marketing we were doing 250 jobs per month, we are now doing around 580 jobs per month. Web Based Marketing has contributed to the doubling of our monthly sales
Jason Tait, Advantage Plumbing

Our sales doubled...
We contacted Jordan because we wanted to try some new methods of advertising. He presented us with a strategy that would integrate our mail drops and Internet marketing. We hoped this would make a difference. The same month we began the campaign, we discovered our sales doubled. We have been doing some of the biggest months in sales in the history of our business
John Hitchen, Director of Appliance Gallery

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