In this report I'm going to help you discover...

  • How to track the way you run your marketing so you know what is and isn't working
  • How to stop your website from leaking business
  • How to attract new business & referrals from your database
  • Who's advice you should and shouldn't listen to for marketing & websites
  • 2 trends that are changing the way people are buying online
  • Why "Content Marketing" has become a powerful way to get the right clients

Who is Jordan Mullen? Jordan is an Australian online marketer who runs an online marketing firm called Web Based Marketing. Jordan has worked with 100's of companies and industries over the last 9 years delivering effective online marketing programs & campaigns. His focus has been to create measurable marketing and to improve online conversions, not just traffic and social media engagement. "You can only manage what you can measure, if you don't know if you're getting results why are you doing online marketing?"

Jordan Mullen - Marketing Strategist and Managing Director of Web Based Marketing

"In the past I have been working with a number of web marketing companies but what impressed me about Jordan Mullen from Web Based Marketing is his focus on ROI (Return On Investment). His knowledge and creative flair in developing websites and web marketing has seen great results for businesses I have referred"

Peter Irvine - Co Founder of Gloria Jeans Australia & Leading Business Expert (PeterIrvine.Com)

"What our clients say..."

"Web Based Marketing helped us set-up our website. They handled the whole process of planning, strategy, web design, development and content. Since our new marketing website has been set-up we can confidently say 80% of our new business comes from this website." Catherine Smith - Wholestic Property Solutions

"In our industry building trust and credibility is critical. We worked with Web Based Marketing to develop a website that would educate prospective clients and maintain existing clients by using ongoing communications approaches. We regularly get clients say the reason why they chose our company was because of our website" Ian Hayes - Milestone Financial

"We contacted Jordan because we wanted to try some new methods of advertising. He presented us with a strategy that would integrate our mail drops and Internet marketing. We hoped this would make a difference. The same month we began the campaign, we discovered our sales doubled. We have been doing some of the biggest months in sales in the history of our business." John Hitchen - Appliance Gallery

"Since working with Web Based Marketing our incoming work has dramatically increased. They helped us with the whole process around marketing planning, website development & Google advertising. Before we started using Web Based Marketing we were doing 250 jobs per month, we are now doing around 580 jobs per month. Web Based Marketing has contributed to the doubling of our monthly sales" Jason Tait - Laser Plumbing Canberra

"Before we started working with the team at Web Based Marketing we had around 6 weeks of work booked in. Once they set-up our website to work and started executing our online marketing campaign we ended up booking out 6 months worth of work. We have so much work on we are putting off jobs. The website marketing is performing extremely well and we are now getting around 3-4 new enquiries per day" Matthew May - Nulook Renovations