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Workshop Your Web Strategy

Failing to plan is planning to fail, discover how Web Based Marketing can ensure you have the right marketing plan in place to generate optimal results online.

The Web Based Marketing roadmap is an outline of exactly what we need to do to ensure you generate results online. Before considering doing online marketing development there are some key things you need to define to ensure your online marketing works.

Some important question to ask are...

  • Who are you targeting online?
  • What is your ideal customer?
  • Why should some choose your business?
  • What makes your business unique over others?
  • What is relevant to your target market?
  • What hooks and call to actions should you use online?
  • How should your website be designed to ensure online conversion?
  • What keywords people look for in Google should your website target?
  • What technology should you use to run an manage your online marketing?
  • Should you run ongoing marketing such as Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook?
  • How can you ensure everything working?
  • How much should your business outsource?

Web Based Marketing takes you through a holistic online marketing process which takes in account the important aspects of marketing your business online.

  • Plan the right marketing strategy for your business
  • Identify who are in your target markets
  • Research the facts about your target markets
  • Developments needed be done to your website ensure its an effective marketing tool
  • Define what makes you different to your competition
  • Design wire-frame outlines for a highly performing marketing website
  • Enhance your company brand and image
  • Plan the implementation of your Web Based Marketing program
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