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How To Get The Right Message To The Right Market
Many marketing campaigns conducted by businesses today are often a very ‘hit and miss’ affair. The fundamental reason why marketing campaigns fail or prove ineffective is because most businesses try and say everything to everyone instead of something to someone. If you want to get the best possible response from your advertising budget you need to target a niche market. A niche market is a group of people for whom a business develops and delivers a service that specifically fits the needs and problems of that group. People don’t buy products and services, they buy solutions to the problems and frustrations they are experiencing. For example, people pay for a gym membership so they lose weight or someone will buy a security alarm system because they want to eliminate the fear of their possessions being stolen. If a business can formulate a message that provides solutions to target peoples specific problems and then present it to a group of people who are most likely to respond, you will generate far more results as the message is designed specifically for the problem.

How to get the right message to the right market
One way to get the right message to the right market is by using a direct marketing list. You can acquire a direct marketing list based on the demographic profile of the customers who normally buy from you. By doing this you can get your message to people who are more likely to respond to the solutions you offer. Whether they are young married couples who live north Sydney or business directors who have 40+ employees in the building industry – there are ways to get the appropriate list of the people needing your business.

How to write the right message for the right market
A quality direct marketing list is an important tool but presenting the right message is also necessary. The old way of doing this was the long copy model – long sales letters, A4 brochures and media packs. Unless you have a big advertising budget, this can be an extremely expensive exercise where you rarely get a return on your advertising outlay. The new the way of doing direct marketing is by presenting a short message that defines and appeals to the intended market and then directs potential clients to the web site for more detailed information. The most cost-effective way of communicating a short message to your market is by sending people a postcard. Direct mail postcards are perfect for short copy messages because there is enough space on the card to convey the solution your business offers. The postcard is also an appealing way of directing people to the relevant business line or web site.