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Planning Your Internet Marketing Strategy


A business can only grow if they have the right online marketing strategies in place. These strategies can be used to build your online lead generation system that will Qualify, Educate and Provoke your market to get in contact with you.

Getting Website Traffic: Setting up an effective Adwords campaign: 
Although it is very easy to set-up a Google Adwords account – Generating results from a pay-per-click campaign is another thing. Google Adwords campaigns should only be set-up with a mind set of ROI (return on investment). This is done by conducting keyword research and split testing ads to make sure they convert, once key phrases are typed in.
The other thing that is important is doing negative key phrases in a campaign. You need to do this so that you only get buyers & targeted traffic coming into your site – not people doing general research, e.g. Uni students.
Converting the Traffic: Qualifying and converting prospects once they are in the website:
There is no point doing a Google Adwords campaign unless your site is set-up to qualify and convert web traffic to into qualified leads. We advise and implement the right website conversion strategies into the website so your website will generate results.
This is done by implementing the effective sales copy strategies into the website. The right sales copy will help educate and qualify web prospects so by the time your salespeople speaks to them they are more likely to make a decision for your products and services.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation: Don’t just pay for clicks – get them for free:
There are two types of listings you can get on Google – the organic listing and the pay-per-click listing. Unlike the pay-per-click listings the organic listings are free. The only thing about this is – it takes more leg work to get to the top of Google in the organic section. By putting in a SEO plan, you will gradually be able to get your site to the top of Google.

Capture All Your Market: Capturing the Hot, Cold and Warm Market by using ‘The Ethical Bribe’ strategy:
The ethical bribe is an information product advertised on your website that is targeted and relevant to your niche markets.
People who come into your website fit into 3 categories – Hot, Warm and Cold Market. The hot market is normally ready to make a move now, the warm market is interested but needs a push and the cold market is just researching for the future. By using an ethical bribe you will be able to capture in all 3 of these categories. Another name for an ethical bribe is a ’shy yes’ – this is an information product that is specific and relevant to your target market wants and needs.
By offering it you will be able to capture as much of your market as possible online. It can be a tool to capture details, educate and provoke your market to respond and then put them into an automated follow-up system.