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Utilising Auto Responders To Put Your Marketing On Autopilot.


So many people have a mailing lists that are being underutilised – are you one of them? Do you have a message you’d like to get out to your customers but don’t have the time to regularly send email campaigns?These are common issues with business owners so today’s tip is all about putting your marketing on autopilot by using auto responders.

Automation means elimination. Elimination of wasted time and resources. No one has the time to spare sending the same email dozens or even hundreds of times, much less to keep track and do it regularly. When you utilise auto responders the hard work of contacting your clients happens automatically so you can get on with growing your business.

What is an auto responder you ask? It is a powerful tool that enables emails to be sent to your customers at pre-determined intervals. Say for example a potential customer signs up to receive tips and tricks from you, an auto responder can be set up to send a Welcome email straight away, then every week they can receive another tip automatically. You enter the mail out information once and the auto responder makes sure that your customers receive it.

Why should you send out information to your mailing list? That’s a good question. By drip feeding content you build the credibility of your business and the trust your customers have in you. It shows that you are an authority in your industry and ensures you are regularly at the front of your customer’s minds.

Many people worry about annoying their customers with frequent mail outs. Remember that the auto responders we are discussing here are going out to people who WANT to hear from you. They have signed up to receive news and value so you want to make sure you are utilising that opportunity to communicate with them.

In short, customer databases can be a goldmine, but they need to be used effectively and efficiently. Auto responders can help make that happen for you in a streamlined way that saves time and money.

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