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Make Your Website Work

Web Based Marketing has designed a proven online marketing process that integrates both marketing and website development.

...whether you need to make your current website work or set-up a new one, our proven process can help you achieve more results.

An effective website should:

  • Rank high in Google for multiple keywords
  • Generate qualified leads and enquiries
  • Present correct messages to your prospective market
  • Clearly communicate what you do and value of what you offer
  • Build your marketing database & follower lists
  • Be easy and cost-effective to manage on-going
  • Present a professional image to your prospective customers

Web Based Marketing has designed ‘turn-key’ solutions that integrate your marketing and website development to help your website generate more results online for your business.

Do you have a website but feel it's not working to the potential you know it has?

Are you looking to set up a website, but want to ensure it will be an effective marketing tool for your business?

Do you want to ensure your website is an effective marketing tool for your business?

If so, you should speak to an Online Marketing Consultant about how Web Based Marketing can help take your website through a 'Website That Works' process. Whether you’re looking to set up an effective marketing website or you want to make your current marketing works harder, this online marketing process is for your business.

It doesn't matter whether...

  • You have never set up a website for your business and would like to
  • You have a website but want to make it work better for your business
  • You want to set up a website but would like to ensure your marketing strategy is right first
  • You have a website but know it’s time for some serious improvements
  • You want a website and need something basic that helps you get more business
  • You want a website and want to ensure it will be an effective marketing machine for your business

Our Website That Works process goes through a range on online marketing developments which can include:

  • Marketing strategy and planning process so you can sure your website is an effective marketing tool, not just graphics and text on the internet
  • Converting landing pages to a website to ensure it will convert as much traffic into leads and enquiries as possible
  • Copywriting and content development to ensure your messages, unique points, product and service value is being understood by your prospective market
  • Design, not just for looks but to increase online conversions so your website is not just giving you a professional image but is generating more business online
  • Search engine readiness so that your website will be picked up for keywords from buyers looking for what you sell
  • Website management systems so your website can help run marketing activities including website edits, email marketing, lead capturing and database building (Click here to read more about the Easy Website Manager)
  • Web Traffic Analytics so you can see exactly what your buyers are doing and how we can improve your website to work harder for your business
  • Search Engine Readiness so your website is ready for a SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) process

Our Website That Works process follows these 5 key steps:

Step One: Marketing Planning: Conduct a marketing workshop to produce a marketing blueprint. This is a form of plan of developments needing to be down to generate results online.

Step Two: Content & Design Development: Produce compelling content and a high conversion design. What you say on your website and how that is present is important to generating more conversions.

Step Three: Website Tools Integration: Set-up management systems and automated processes that will assist with online marketing execution.

Step Four: Launch &Optimise: Make you website go live so we can start see what actually work online. This part of the process can include a series of optimisations to increase results.

Step Five: Review & Report: Use analytics tool to see what worked so we plan more tests and report on what is and isn't working.

The Website That Works process is planned, implement and tested by the Web Based Marketing team of specialists:

  • Marketing consultants to help workshop key-points and ideas
  • Project managers to ensure everything works to timeline
  • Content writers to produce wording to entice your marketing
  • Web and graphic designers to produce quality but effective designs
  • Traffic specialists to manage search marketing and web analytics
  • Web developers to ensure your website functions the way it needs to
  • Administrators for data entry and link building to take away tedious but important tasks
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